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We manufacture for the energy industries

Areas of Work

CGP has 40 years’ experience of being a quality manufacturer of pipe fittings for the chemical, petrochemical, pressure vessel, refinery, gas distribution, power and piping industries.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

We manufacture different sizes and shapes of couplings, reducers, caps, flanges and other special fittings by closed / open die forging operations. Our products include threaded and socket weld pipe fittings.

Pressure Vessel

We contribute to the pressure vessel fabricators that are used in a variety of applications and industries, such as Water Treatment, Pulp and Paper, and Oil and Gas, among others.

Refinery & Gas Distribution

We manufacture fittings that comply with the strictest of regulations and industry performance standards. We understand the demands of challenging oil and gas industry applications, choosing materials and designs that will keep fluid systems operating effectively even in the harshest environments.

Piping Industries

We manufacture fittings for the pipe industry, in different grades and sizes, embracing innovation and digitalization.

About Us

CGP Manufacturing has provided the Petro/chemical industry with Quality on time Pipe Fittings since 1982. Started in a small warehouse in south Houston, Mr. Jorge and Mario Garcia joined the company at that time.

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Sales Department

If you are looking for quality manufacturer of pipe fittings, the specialists of our Sales Department will be glad to provide you with any product of your choice.

Our Production

Meeting our customers special needs. We manufacture a variety of special fittings to customer specifications or drawings.

Latest Company News

CGP expand Operations

CGP Manufacturing expands operations into new larger facility on Market Street.

CGP Acquires ISO

CGP Manufacturing acquires ISO 9001:2008 Certification

CGP goes "Green"

CGP goes "Green" by contracting with "Green Mountain Energy" to purchase only 100% renewable energy making us 100% pollution free electrical energy entity